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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Synoden - Convocation

Bishop Grote Off To England & Germany

Bishop John Fenwick and Bishop Paul Hunt
Bishops of the Northern & Southern Dioceses of the
Free Church of England(FCE)

Bishop Grote is preparing for a 10-day trip to the Convocation (Synod) of the Free Church of England. He has been invited to be the REC representative and to preach at their opening Communion Service. 
As we reported, the FCE and the REC are now working together to create the Convocation of Reformed Episcopal Churches in Europe to oversee and support our missionary endeavors in Germany, Russia, Croatia and Sweden.
Bishops John Fenwick and Paul Hunt of the FCE, along with Bishop Gerhard Meyer from Germany and Bishop Grote, USA, constitute the council of Bishops which will be overseeing this endeavor. Please be in prayer for the further development of this missionary enterprise.

From Thursday the 22nd through May 28th, Bishop Grote will be in Germany to oversee the Annual Synod of the Church in Germany.  Archdeacon Jasmin Milic from Croatia will also be joining us for that gathering. Pray that some additional progress might be made in planting new churches in Germany.

The 2012 Women’s Day Project is raising funds to support the Protestant Reformed Christian Church/Reformed Episcopal Church mission churches in Croatia.  Their goal is to raise $7,500, and contributions are still being accepted.  Presently there are seven new Reformed Episcopal mission churches in Croatia.  Please, pass this along to the members of your congregation and send your donations to:

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