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Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Visitation in Germany, Austria, Croatia and Serbia

Bishop's Visitation
October 15th the Rev. Bill and Diane Jerdan arrived from the USA at Schwarzenborn. They had worked for 37 years in France with the Reformed Churches in church planting and stayed with Bishop Meyer for about six weeks to support him during his visitations. Bill is Missionary Canon of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Several trips were undertaken to visit churches and individuals to preach, encourage, advice in church planting. The Bishop drove with the Rev. Jerdan to Kiel, Hamburg, Bremerhaven in northern Germany, on another trip to Heidelberg, Graz (Austria) and to Osijek /Tenia (Croatia) and Belgrad (Serbia.

Bp. +Gerhard preached in Tordinci and in Belgrad in English and was translated into the Serbian or Croatian language.



Then they drove back through Hungary and the Czech Republik to Eastern Germany visited contacts in Bautzen and Berlin. The end of November they visited two of our Mission churches in Western Germany, Euskirchen and Bonn. In the "Arche" the Rev. Jerdan preached in St. Mathew's church Bp. Meyer and installt the Dr. F. Herzberg to be layreader.
These trips covered about 4.000 Miles.

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